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Hi all. DS did a half Ironman which is run 2k bike 90K and run 21.1K and his time was under 4.46 hours. He came in 5th over all and first in his age catagory which is 30 - 39 years. He is 6'3" tall and weighs 164 pounds. He has a runners body for sure. This is his second gold medal this year.
My DH is working a lot of overtime and worked 12 hour shifts both Saturday and Sunday. It"s when I am alone that I get into snacking and this week end was the worst with both my husband and son away. I ate a whole package of cookies one right after another and I know it was from boredom and lonelyness. My meals were high calorie and carbs. On Sunday I slept in and only had coffee and juice till supper time and I over ate breaded chicken thighs and scalloped potatoes, two helpings. I was so hungry after not eating all day and it tasted so good. Monday was better but not perfect and my weight was up 3 pounds from the week end. I wasn't posting much either probably from guilt. I have never been diagnosed with depression but some times I wonder if I am depressed. Some times all I want to do is go back to bed and I can't seem to get much done. I know that when I am active I feel better but some times it's just too much effort. I have to figure things out.
Sorry for rambling on.
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