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omg! I did it! I found out the kids weren't going to be home for dinner again, so I had a dilemma on what I was going to make for just me and dh. I had a great idea. We had 5 oz of chicken leftover from last night. Last night I did not cook the chicken in the teriyaki, so it was still a blank canvas. Perfect! I made a quick chicken salad with green onions, finely diced celery, 1/4 c of mayo and generously on the salt and pepper. Instead of bread I put mine on a Hungry Girl Foldit. For something so simple, omg it was sooooo good! AND the best part? The sandwich was only 285 calories total. So I'm under for the day so far! I'm still a little hungry, but at least now I have a little wiggle room for a light snack in a little while.

Soooo happy that I had a good day!!!

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