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Debbie, thanks for posting the link to the black bean brownie recipe. They are delicious! DH thought so, too, and he never would have guessed they were made with black beans instead of flour.

Jenn, that's lovely that you have cleaning fairies. Sounds like a yummy dinner. Hey, happy birthday! When is/was it? Enjoy your celebration with your friends--that's awesome! Mine is July 6. Major kudos on the way too big capris! Where I buy clothes in the USA, going from a 24 to a 20 would be considered two sizes down, with 10 lbs. between sizes. So if I was just into a size 24 and lost 12 lbs. I could be down to a size 20. But I totally agree with you that it's hard to judge sizes. I like the strech in my jeans, though
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