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Hi all. Cleaning fairies are here so I am upstairs hiding. I can't believe how much clutter we had that I had to move before they could clean today. Will be so nice to have a clean house.

We bought ready made chicken and dumplings at the store since they came at 3 (almost 4pm now). Not sure the calorie count but it's convenient. Going for a late birthday celebration on Wed with another VERY good friend (these 2 are the ones that I can always count on). I think I know what I am going to have for lunch. Hopefully sometime I can work up the courage to have a pedicure. I'm self-concious about my ugly feet.

I have a little rant...I put on a pair of capris yesterday and they are WAY too big (had to wear a belt). I know I'm no longer a 24 but have no idea what my true size is with the stretch in clothes. I just bought a 20 in capris. Does it make sense to be down 4 sizes if I've lost 12lb?

I will write out some goals tomorrow.
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