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Debbie, your Canada Day celebration does indeed sound like the USA Fourth of July. It's wonderful that you were able to take the day off and how fun to spend time making treats with your kids! I love cooking with my 12 and 10 year old grandkids. They especially like making homemade soup because we dump in whatever ingredients we have on hand (no recipe) and they are so good at dumping and tasting seasonings themselves because they know my taste in soup broth. I just do a final tasting to see if anything needs adjusted. GD is the one who likes to bake with me. Those wonton wrapper desserts sound really yummy. I'll bet I could do a low carb version with my really soft low carb tortillas. I have a black bean and cocoa powder dessert quesadilla filling recipe to which I'll bet I could add peanut or soy butter to make it taste sort of like Nutella. I make mini tart shells out of my doughier low carb tortillas and fill them with lemon yogurt for "lemon tarts." I might try substituting the low carb tortillas for wonton wrappers some time.
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