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Me again I booked the day off as a holiday since tomorrow is a stat holiday...Canada Day!! My favourite holiday of the year!!! I always sort of think of it as the kick off to summer. It's all about getting out, enjoying the day with friends and family and being proud to be Canadian!! No having to buy presents or host elaborate dinners...hamburgers on the bbq and cold drinks is all that's needed Guess it's like the USA 4th of July!

So since I'm home with the kids (I wish I could be home with them always...but I have to work )) I planned a cooking morning with them. They love to be in the kitchen with me! I found an easy dessert recipe that uses wonton wrappers. We made apple pie filling and used it for 1/3 of the wrappers. For the others, we used Nutella in some and cream cheese and strawberries preserves in the others. Baked them for 12 minutes and we have a tasty treat! 4 wrappers are only 80 cals, .4g fat, 16g carb and 1 g not low carb (sorry Mern!), but they are a low cal treat. The amount of filling in each is about a tablespoon and the nutritional count above doesn't account for the filling.

So much fun....and lots of cleaning up for mom!

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