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Default Update: 27 June 2014

Today is only the second day into the Phase III diet, and I am losing weight more quickly than ever! I was not supposed to be weighing myself until Sunday, but I FEEL lighter for some reason. I checked and I have lost exactly 25 pounds (we weigh me 3 times in a row at 10 AM normally to confirm). I had a little dance when I found this out, much to the amusement of my husband. As usual, he reminds me these are only markers, but he was very pleased I am so heavily motivated. He told me this is my body transitioning to the Phase III diet, and since I am eating mostly soluble foods, it is rapidly moving through my system.

I get to see my regular doctor again in September, but my husband is encouraging me to contact his office next week to see me in July. He last saw me when I had only lost 3-4 pounds into the diet, and he will be pulling blood for cholesterol, kidney, and nutritional functions. He will also need to examine my blood pressure medication, as I have started to get dizzy a couple times when I am standing up too fast. Since I have lost more than 10% of my body weight, my husband has told me this is not surprising. I am on a 100mg blood pressure reducer. I have a blood pressure cuff, and I have checked it every few days, noting my blood pressure has come down in the last two months to 101/75, with the meds. If he reduces me to 80 mg pills, as my husband anticipates, this should offset the dizziness and still have my blood pressure within normal range.
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