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Default Update: June 25, 2014

Phase II is complete and I have lost a total of 23.50 pounds! I am fitting into clothes from before I met my husband and I can’t stop giggling when I look in the mirror.

It seems unbelievable to me that this is working so well. My husband has been exactly right so far on what works for me, so much that it is scary sometimes. My diet is now going to increase to 1850 calories or so for Phase III, as of tomorrow, and I will only have a slight increase of 15 extra minutes per day of exercise.

The schedule for Phase III is as follows:

Phase III - 30 days, depending on weight loss, estimated total of 30 pounds to lose
Drink (Qty: 8) 20.0 oz water bottles per day (I use Hi-C (Mio) for flavor), with no more than 1 bottle every 2 hours for regular days. On exercise days, I now drink 2 extra 20 oz water bottles, one bottle per period of exercise. We live in Colorado. Restricted diet to 1850-1900 calories
Exercise includes breathing for 5 minutes, stretching for 10 minutes, 30 minutes of a stationary bike, and 30 minutes of walking. There is a 10 hour difference between the stationary bike and the walking.
Exercise days are Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat.
Weigh-in/measurement days are Wednesday and Sunday.

Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt 1.33 servings for non-exercise days.
Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt 1.33 servings + 1 cup of cantaloupe melon for exercise days. The melon can be had before, during, or after exercising, and is rich in potassium for muscle recovery.
1 Banana, regular size
One 20 oz bottle of water
One additional 20 oz bottle of water right after exercising (or during) if it is an exercise day

I also take a Woman's Silver One-A-Day vitamin and I take a daily 600mg Calcium supplement.

Every 2 hour period, drink one 20 oz bottle of water

Snack - half-way between breakfast and lunch
Fiber One 90 calorie Lemon Bars (pack of 1) – (the only bread product I get for now)
One 20 oz bottle of water

Progresso Light Soup Chicken Noodle (or similar, I prefer Chicken Pot Pie) - 1/2 can
1 hard-boiled egg with only 1/2 the yolk
One 20 oz bottle of water

Nature Valley Granola Bar (pack of 2) -= Plain (I no longer crave other variety flavors)
One 20 oz bottle of water

An approximate 850-900 calories, but my choice of variety. I usually have:
boneless, skinless chicken breast or tilapia fish - one 4 oz serving - Mrs. Dash
baked potato with cheddar cheese - 1 servings of each - Mrs. Dash
steamed brussels sprout or broccoli - 2 to 3 servings (I love these)
One 20 oz bottle of water

If it is an exercise day, then I get two servings of the fish or chicken (I now prefer the fish 5 days a week, with the chicken 2 days a week) and two servings of baked potato, but still only one serving of the cheddar cheese. I must start to eat within 30 minutes after exercising.

Blue Bell Fruit Bar, Strawberry (70 calories) (*I have been offered other flavors, but only choose this one).
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