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Default 50 Years Old and Starting Anew! - Originally started on 4/25/14

April 25th, 2014

Hi there,

I'm a 50 year old female who was at 235 lbs on April 25th, 2014. I had a grand mal seizure on April 17th and a TIA (mini stroke, as my doctor told me). I ate horribly, consuming large amounts of sugar, salt, and caffeine in the form of tea. My husband has tried to help me stabilize for 9 years, trying to get me to use honey instead of sugar, and cut back on the bad things through substitution, but I was always cheating. I have had a lot of stress from my brothers, sister, and mother, and have let the anxiety ruin me for years. I also slept horribly and was always exhausted. I was admitted into the hospital for 4 days, and dropped to 235lbs from a bout 245 lbs because I ate little there. My blood pressure was commonly nearly 200/100 during the last year when I would stress. I was told I was exceptionally lucky, as I did not lose capabilities.

Since I had my seizure, I have realized life is too short, and that I want to spend as much of it as I can with my immediate family and friends. I saw a doctor to help me with some emotional stuff, and am now on a good anti-anxiety medicine. My husband is thrilled I am finally moving forward for healthy improvement. He had me see a sleep specialist, and I will be getting a CPAP machine soon to help me sleep, since I have sleep apnea. (*UPDATE: It is June 27th, I have had the CPAP for 3 weeks, it is WONDERFUL!). I was told this will help me even more with energy and focus and will stop me from having seizures (since sleep apnea is the root cause).

I was forced into a mostly fluid diet into the hospital, so I thought I was going to eat like crazy when I was released. However, the new anti-anxiety medicine helps me feel less hungry, so I found it wasn't too hard to follow a diet my husband has devised for me (he is a Doctor of Management), and I am now down to 220.8 pounds in 21 days. This is mostly water weight, as my husband tells me, as I do not yet exercise, and he said I should not lose more than 10% of my total original weight when we finish the 30 days of Phase II. I have already started to level off to losing 0.2 - 0.4 lbs/day, as my carb intake is still a little high. My diet is low sodium (no added salt), low sugar (but balanced for glucose needs), caffeine-free, low cholesterol, low-fat, and runs at 1500-1600 calories per day. My husband says we are working on a 5-phase diet and exercise routine he developed, to help me change my lifestyle and have healthy eating habits instead of just a short-term diet. He constantly tells me the key is transitioning. We always transition from one thing to another, instead of forcing a major change in diet or exercise. He said he would have had a different Phase I for me if I hadn't been forced into it from the hospital, but that the diet he has me on was a good transition from the hospital back to the real world. We will gradually boost my diet up to about 2000 calories per day as I progress through the phases. At the end of this, my first real goal is 190 pounds.

Here is what he has for me:

Phase I 25 to 30 days, depending on weight loss, estimated total of 15 pounds to lose
Drink (qty: 8) 16.9 oz water bottles per day (I use Mio for flavor), with no more than 1 bottle every 2 hours. We live in Colorado.
Restricted diet to 1500-1600 calories
No real exercise at this phase, just daily activity of working

Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt 1.33 servings
1 Banana
One 16.9 oz bottle of water

I also take a Woman's Silver One-A-Day vitamin and I take a daily 600mg Calcium supplement.
Every 2 hour period, drink 1 bottle of water

Progresso Light Soup Chicken Noodle (or similar) - 1/2 can
1 hard-boiled egg with only 1/2 the yolk (I can't stand to eat the whites alone yet)
One 16.9 oz bottle of water

Nature Valley Granola Bar (pack of 2) - The flavor changes based on the variety pack (Maple Sugar, Peanut Butter, Plain)
One 16.9 oz bottle of water

Approximately 850-900 calories, but my choice of variety. I usually have:
boneless, skinless chicken breast - one 4 oz serving - Mrs. Dash
baked potato with cheddar cheese - 2 servings of each - Mrs. Dash
steamed Brussels sprout or broccoli - 2 to 3 servings (I love these)
One 16.9 oz bottle of water

Blue Bell Fruit Bar, Strawberry (70 calories)

My carb intake is in the 155 gram range for now. I have never been a big protein eater, but I am slowly transitioning to more protein.

He said Phase II-V will end up having me only lose between 1.25 and 1.33 lbs of weight per week and will last approximately 5 months, and I will be exercising appropriately, mostly walking 30 minutes with friends 3 times per week (twice in a day). He is disabled and cannot walk with me, but him having me coordinate with friends to walk in the near future is proving beneficial all around. The goal is 23.50 pounds by the end of Phase II on June 25th. He will slowly increase my calories to 2000 over the next four phases, modifying my diet to foods I like, but still healthy. We will also modify my exercise routine to include indoors exercising on my bike, since it gets pretty cold in the winter.

I am so thankful he has been here coaching me this entire time. He knows my body better than anyone else, and having someone who loves me to help guide me has helped me stay very focused (that, and my medicine). I am done cheating on diets, although at first I WAS frustrated, as I had to use the bathroom a lot within the first two weeks from all the water I was drinking. However, my body is finally adjusting to it, and it hasn't been as much of an issue anymore.

I hope this sounds good for helping others in my age category. I feel great, have lost almost 15 pounds in 3 weeks, and my jeans are loose enough that I now need to consider pulling out my older pairs I outgrew from years ago. I have plenty of energy and am now looking forward to exercising soon.
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