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Originally Posted by blackrhino2 View Post
this is great. i need to focus on my weekends!

i vow to:
-not go over 1700 calories on one of the days, and on the other day not go over 1500
-only have one drink on friday and no more than two drinks on saturday
-get some form of exercise in each day (walking, dancing, biking or yoga)
-have fish atleast once this weekend
-to try and choose to eat veggies instead of cheese
Ok, so to report back:
I stayed under 1700 yesterday, while today I went well over 1500.
I completed my alcohol consumption, exercising, and fish eating goals. I've done a so-so job at choosing veggies.

Today I haven't even tracked. I know I went waaaayyy over my calorie consumption because there was a picnic equivalent to an all you can eat buffet that I attended from 2-7PM. That was hard. I certainly could have had more restraint. I had a light breakfast and a light dinner too--but really the lunch was out of control.

I still have tomorrow where I will exercies and hopefully stay under 1500 so that I can still make my goals!!

I'm hoping you all are reaching your weekend goals! This is a great thread to help keep things in perspective for short-term goals.
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