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This was first posted in 2013, and people are still replying to it!

For those still reading this thread looking for the same kind of answer, believe it or not, before you can lose weight, you need to know WHY you're eating so much in the first place. Why are you packing on the pounds? Sure, you're putting in more calories than you are dishing out, so your body stores the extra, but I mean, WHY are you still eating when technically you're not hungry? Your body obviously isn't really starving, yet you continue to eat.

Explore the question why first and foremost before tackling any food dietary plan. No matter what you do food-wise, it will make no difference if you don't address the why.

For me, it was stress. When I stressed out, I sought out food as a means of comfort and to de-stress. Once I addressed my stress WITHOUT food, the food part became easier.

What's your why?
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