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Thanks for the support everyone!

Fletch, the huge school next to mine has a gym, that I can use for free. I try to go, but it's kind of another confidence issue: the school that owns it is full of rich girls in size 0 pants, so I feel awful when working out next to them :[
But now that I'm home for the summer, I'm goingt to try to use my high school's gym, because I don't really care if the people in this town think I'm out of shape! Ha!

My biggest problem is that since I'm home, I'm surrounded by good, real food. All of my comfort foods, that I don't get while I'm at school. I try to tell myself to fight off the cravings, but it's so difficult!

Any advice on how to deal with the comfort food urges?

MollySue, I'll definitely post my updates! I want this to work. :]
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