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I don't think I have any one "cheat day". I never liked the term "cheat day". It makes it sound like you are doing something bad. Instead, I firmly believe in the idea of "all things in moderation". If I want it, I have it. But I have a single serving, don't binge and log everything. I am accountable for every calorie that goes into my mouth. This way I am never really craving anything too badly. Once in a while I get a huge craving. I did just the other day and got myself a chocolate milkshake. I drank it slowly, enjoyed every sip, experienced how it felt in my mouth, all of it. Now I won't have that craving for a very long time.

"moderation" is key though. It is easy to let things get away from you. I find that most days I don't even feel like having a treat, but if I do I have a small bit of it and then the craving goes away. I know some won't agree with my point of view. But it works for me. I have steadily lost an average of 2lbs/week and I never feel deprived.

I think if I held off on all my cravings until 1 day a week that I would really go off the handle and binge the whole day.

Start (1/9/14): 276.8
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The only goal I have right now is to get my ass in gear and get the scale moving the other way!
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