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Good evening all, I got my exercise in today. I spent 3 hours out side working on the flowerbeds and so forth. I had a good day with no new migraine even this evening. I could not take not having a washer and drying for a month. My sister and I gave up our trip to Salt Lake because we had to have a new washer. I have at least 2 more days on the front flower beds then I go to work on the new raspberry bed so can move stuff around.
My sister and I tried Panda Ex. but we did not like it. Maybe we should try again.
I find it I have to sit here every night and post my food and talk to you all. I can do better then just doing it one my own. I really need you all to keep me on the straight and narrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
I go back on mids tomorrow I will be working 10 am to 7 pm. This will make it much better to stay on plan. Talk to you all tomorrow.
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