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Default Changes in perspective

Hi wannabefitgirl.
I think that once you reach your goal, mostly your perspective changes. Food or not food isn't the center of your life any more. If you can continue working out twice a day and enjoy it, why stop? But if it is starting to get really old, find a new activity, of change-up your workouts so that you will be happy to continue exercising. That part of your new life should continue as long as you possibly can The key is to continue doing just what you are doing now, but not be so obsessive about it.

The great thing about Fitday is that it gives you lots of chances to see what works for you rather than prescribing a set of eating requirements. If you have used Fitday for a pretty long time, you have learned how much food you can eat, and what kinds of food you feel good about eating, and what kinds need to be reserved for special occasions.

Julia's suggestion is just what I did. I slowly added the calories back so that I didn't go wild and eat everything in sight, and it gave me the chance to ease back into a "normal" eating habit. But in truth, my new normal is quite different from the old normal of 18 months ago.

So, yup, you will still have to be mindful of your eating and exercising habits, but you shouldn't have to count every single calorie and you shouldn't have to spend all your free time at the gym

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