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Alright, with that out of the way... I found myself here after realizing it's not that hard to make changes to diet/exercise and now I'm really hoping to keep it going. I start my journey at 225lbs, pretty much all of it in the gut area. It's not nice to look at and I figured I'd try to make a change. I've set a goal for 200 even come mid September or so, which is the end of summer and the start to a very cold fall locally.

I've been on my changed diet for a bit over 2 weeks, and have managed to cut out the sodas/snack cakes as well. I've reduced calorie intake from sugary snacks by 1000+ calories a day, a number I didn't even realize was so high until I analyzed my diet and added each serving up. Much more fruits/vegetables, and I'm still looking for other things I can change but I'm new at this so I'll learn. I've also been able to add 30-60 minutes of walking/biking per day and I find now that if I miss that day's exercise I feel like I missed out.

I'm here now hoping this site's tools can help me keep track of progress, ideally providing a bit of motivation to go along with my personal goals. I'd gladly welcome advice from any who've been doing this longer since I'd like for this to become a permanent change in my life.
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