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I also find it hard to say no to food especially when its right in front of me. Its the same when the kids treats are in the cupboard and so i go upstairs on an evening so not to give into temptation. Ive also put all the biscuits and bars into a lidded tub. If i open the cupboard and there is an open packet of biscuits staring at me its just too easy to take one(or 3) when nobody is looking!
Cakes however is much more difficult and i only buy them once a week for my partner and ive got to use all my willpower to say no but i think its unfair for the rest of the family to miss out on goodies so i only get them in rarely and he eats them all in one day so its kinda ok!(he wants to gain weight) I tell you though if its got fresh cream i gotta allow myself just a little taste, mmm...mmm...mmmm!!!
Its really hard saying no to the foods we love! I have a little saying i think of whenever i want to eat the whole thing-A teaspon full tastes exactly as the rest so why eat it all when the flavour is all the same! This may not make much sense in words but it works for me most of the time. Usually just a tiny taste of something can satisfy my tastebuds enough not to have the whole thing.
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