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Oh im feeling quite disappointed in myself. I knew that id struggle on the weekend and ive got to work much harder with the willpower and tonight i made some bad choices. I did really well up til about 8 o clock. I went to the cupboard knowing that id take a biscuit and i did. Ate that got the taste for chocolate and had 2 more!!! Now i know this doesnt seem like much but i really did good through the week not to evening snack and i was very proud of myself that for 4 days i didnt go near the cupboards and snack on rubbish late at night.
The problem is through the week the kids are upstairs at 7pm so as long as my cleaning and uniforms are ready i started to go up to my room-that way im not downstairs. This has been working perfectly but it would be unfair on a weekend to put the kids to bed early and miss the weekend tv they enjoy watching so because i was sat downstairs i was up and down into the kitchen!
We had our main meal at about 3:30pm. Maybe early but i didnt want to snack all day and have it later so i made it for when we were all hungry. Well the kids got a sandwich at about 7pm for supper and because my daughter was tired and a little unwell she left hers and i ate it!!!! Okay it was a small breadcake with a bit of cheese and chicken but im mad with myself cos i dint need it.
Im trying not to lose the motivation i found through the week just because of tonights stupid snacking.
Im going to try and do extra good tomorrow and because kids at school monday i wont need to downstairs past their bedtime.
Hopefully one day in a week wont undo my good efforts from mon-fri! I need to find a balance that works on saturdays when we are in all day.
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