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Hello everyone! I am nervous but excited to continue my week. We're going to be visiting with my parents, my husband's parents, and also taking a small trip to Chicago over the next 2 weeks. I've talked to my husband about wanting to keep up with exercise and he says he will help and support me on this. We shall see....Today I did 1hour weightlifting class and increased my weights (I should have done this weeks ago,but I've been a bit of a wimp). It felt good and I was able to keep up with the other ppl in the class with some effort. Also am continuing on with my Ab Challenge. I'm on Day 15 and will do that later tonight. It's getting pretty rough, but I'm sticking with it.

1. 4-5 meals per day
2. 4-5 glasses water per day
3. Continue Ab Challenge
4. Eat in moderation and small portions
5'6 female, 42 yrs
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3-14-14- 192.8lbs
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