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Good morning lovely ladies! I'm ready for a productive week! I do have ground to make up (again!!).....PMS + Tex-Mex restaurant = serious water retention!! I'm up on the scale this morning to what I weighed in January. No excuses...I've lost focus too many times so it's my own doing that I ended up here. However, I'm committed and determined to shed the water weight and get the scale moving in the right direction again. I know that I don't lose weight if I don't exercise intensly on nearly a daily basis. So even though I'm still having shoulder/neck issues, I'm going to do what I can this week to get in the activity that my body so desperately needs! My laundry room project is nearly finished. I love the flooring!!! It's looking so good!! We just need to finish up the baseboards throughout the week and my new washer and dryer will be here Saturday. Over a month without a washer and dryer!!!

Bea - Thanks for starting us off this week! How did your tacos turn out? Please share your homemade taco salt-free seasoning recipe!

Libby - Glad to see you posting more often buddy Let's make this a great week!

Jenai - You're determination is infectous! The dinner you have planned sounds yummy and I think it would be good hot or cold! If it turns out to be a keeper, you have to share the recipe! As far as reducing the oil, you could just spray your veggies with a little olive oiv and season them before roasting, then add the oil and lemon juice dressing at the end. Alternatively, you could half the oil in both parts of the recipe. It really sounds like you're doing everything right...keeping your calories in check and exercising. The only thing I can think that has the scale stalling is possibly the types of calories you're consuming? However, without knowing exactly what you're eating everyday, I'm just guessing at this. Try having a look at what you're consuming and see if there are things you can change. 100 calories worth of cake vs. 100 calories worth of apples is the same amount of calories, but not the same amount of nutrition.

Mary - I'm all for movin' my butt this week! LOL!

Hope - I'm all for stoppin' the insanity!! Once my washer and dryer arrive the insanity of hand washing clothes for a family of 4 will cease!!

Terri - Hope you're enjoying the time with your family!

Wishing everyone a success filled week!

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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