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I work in an office environment, so we do 'treat days's for each other's birthdays, or other special events (any reason to snack all day right?...). Anyway, the snacks are on a big meeting table maybe ten feet from my desk, things I can see and smell all day long. I know some of the other girls don't allow themselves to start grazing until a certain time in the day, so at least they're not doing it ALLLL day. I'm personally the kind of person who is all or nothing. Once I start, I have such a hard time from saying no to a second or third or fourth piece. It's now to the point where no one even expects me to indulge at the treat table, and they almost make fun of me for it. Sometimes it keeps me from giving in, sometimes I tell them that I work out twice a day and if I want a cracker, I can have one.

I guess I have no advice, just figure out what your limits are and keep to them!
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