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Originally Posted by pattialbert View Post
Ok got off to a rocky start today....skipped breakfast due to running out of time...ended up eating some baked cheezies this afternoon which wasnt on the plan..but got back on plan for supper! Heres to a better tomorrow!!!
Are we counting Friday too? Uh oh, yesterday I went over cals, but not by too much, drank lots and lots of water and took the kids swimming, so still down a pound this morning. I have one more soccer game to attend then it's off to the gym, and then the flower beds. I should have added "clean whole house" to my list! What a pit!!! But I suppose it could be argued that housework doesn't burn that many calories, and it's not usually healthy with all the dust and chemicals. Right? Still if 911 is summoned they will have to bring the jaws of life and a front end loader to find us.
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