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Default hi, I'm new to this site!

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly. I'm 5'7" and 163 pounds, at 20 years old. I've gained weight since I started college, which I've been very unhappy about, but never believed I could change. Recently, I discovered some photos of myself from when I was 16, and at my smallest size, and it's lit a fire under me to get back to a healthy size (20 pounds lighter).

I've come to this forum because my friends offline don't really encourage me, they just say I'm overreacting about my weight, and to stop complaining. It's pretty discouraging, but I know that if I really try, and have some kind of support, I can get back to a healthy size.

So that's why I've come here, to look for some support. It's nice to meet you all! =]
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