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Hope: I don't suffer from RA or anything like that (thank goodness!), but I have a tendency to hold water in my joints more than the average bear.

My sports doctor in high school told me that in general, I have loose ligaments and tendons, which means I'm fairly flexible but also means that I have more synovial fluid between most of my joints than the average person. After a workout, where I'm bending and flexing a lot, I just tend to get inflammation because I have more synovial fluid between joints because it's stimulated from all the movement. I also have a tendency to work a little too hard or beyond my current conditioning, which I am always working on

What it means on a day-to-day basis is that I easily get swollen joints doing weight lifting and strength exercises. It's also possible that this runs in my family, as the same thing often happens to my mother and sister. My sister is diagnosed with RA.

Mary, it's awesome to see you back!!!! Glad you did all that walking in PARIS! My envy is palpable!

Aimee: The canoe trip was super fun! A couple of pictures:

This was at our first "pit stop" for lunch, a really nice rocky beach with a log for sitting on (that's DH on the extreme left)

Here's me before the capsizing incident (hat, sunglasses, shirt...):

Annnnnd..... after the capsizing incident (I lost the hat, which was DH's and he was a little upset about, but at least I was wearing a bathing suit! The shirt had to come off too, it was drenched). That's a girlfriend of mine in the background.

Got my cardio in! My right elbow is yelling at me a bit, but overall I feel stretched out, which is good. It's nothing a little ice and heat won't fix.

Trying to get those images to link, but they won't. Weird. Still working on it; have the URLs for now
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