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I'm not joining in the ab challenge until I have enough core strength to do the exercises properly, but I am cheering on all you doing it! Woohoo!!

Aunt Flo is visiting me at the moment, so my weight can't be trusted (I checked the scale this morning, and it said 184, which is poppycock!). I also have very sore trap and biceps muscles probably causing a tad of inflammation.

On Sunday DH, myself, and two friends did a 15 mile canoe trip down a local river, which accounts for the soreness of my muscles It was a lot of fun and we only capsized once. A tree had it in for us, lol. I did not do my regularly scheduled turbo workout on Sunday because I felt quite confident that the canoeing trip was a good substitute for exercise. It might not have been high-intensity, but we were on the river and paddling for 4+ hours.

This will be my last full week on the thread for a bit as next week I travel to visit family for about 9 days, so I want to make it a good hard week! I am most assuredly sore, but that doesn't mean I can't get in a cardio workout today and go easy on my arms. I'm feeling all messed up because I got up at 3:00 am to take a friend to the airport and got back to my apartment at 5:30 and went back to bed. I'm hoping a slow breakfast and some warm-up moving around will get me feeling pumped up for exercise. I just hope my arms feel better by tomorrow, because I have a strength conditioning workout day planned!

Let's have a great week of motivation and accountability, folks! Woohoo!!

Week Goals:
1) Calorie deficit of 4,000+
2) Protein > 20% of intake every day
3) Water 64 oz. or more daily
4) Exercise 6x this week: Turbo schedule
5) Eat veggies with lunch and dinner
6) Weigh in and report on Friday
Female, 31 years old, 5'4 1/2" tall
Starting weight 1/4/11 = 215.2 lbs.
Weight 10/22/14 = 175.0 (net: -40.2)
Last mini-goal: 175 lbs. REACHED 10/22/14 --REWARD: New wallet
Current min-goal: 170 lbs.
Next large goal: 165 lbs. by 12/25/2014
Lowest weight: 156.7 lbs.
150.2 lbs. <--- Official "Healthy BMI" weight
Estimated final goal: 130-140 lbs.
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