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Default So I let myself go...

When I was younger I was thin and very athletic. Time marches on and I've gained weight-lots of weight. I'm ashamed and embarrassed over how much I weigh and I no longer like to go out in public unless I'm going to work or at an event for my kid.

There was a guy who was interested in me. We had a previous history together. He said he loved me and I fell for him. Well, he now has a girlfriend-younger and very skinny. He says she can do things that I can't do for him. Yep, that hurt.

I'm tired of being who I am and I'm tired of hiding. I'm tired of settling for less than I deserve. I'm doing my best now to lose the weight and tone/sculpt my body. I want to look fantastic and feel better about myself. This is for me and it's about changing not just my physical appearance but also my mental health. The more I lose, the better I'll feel about myself. It's time to take the first step.

(Yes, what he did was a catalyst. Do I still want him? Not really. Do I want to flaunt my new body in front of him someday in public? Absolutely. I want him to realize what he's missing and what he'll never have back. I also want this for myself-the anger over him is the last straw.)
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