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In fitday classic, if I change those 2 cups of potatoes to 4 cups, I still have to click on the button beneath the log that says 'Save Changes.' In fitday 2.0, the need to click on save is still there, it's just slightly below the entry you are changing in the food log.

But either way, the change has to be saved for the nutrition to be updated.

In fitday classic, I automatically go to the food log when I log in. The nutrition is show underneath. In fitday 2.0, there's food log, total nutrition, custom nutrition goals - but you still go to the food log first.

Those are the differences I see. I can see that the red highlight in fitday classic is useful, too.

The current day shows on the food log page. So, I'm not clear about how to get it to show on the 'front page.' The current foods are on the front page. To look at a different day's foods, I change the date in fitday classic by going to the calendar and clicking on the day I want. but you can also click on the 'show previous day' icon at the top of the page.

The way that you can change vitamins is by changing the amount of a food that you eat and logging it - then it gets added on. But you haven't changed the basic vitamin and mineral value of the food in the database, only the count of those vitamins and minerals for your particular food log that day. It's not going to get carried forward. It doesn't affect the database or anyone else's counts.

If you're 'fine tuning' your vitamin and mineral nutrition, keep in mind that custom foods that you enter are only going to have the values that you enter. For example, if you eat some mayonnaise and you enter the values from the nutrition label on the jar, the log will only get that information. Maybe you got other vitamins and minerals that weren't listed on the jar, so your ultimate totals won't be strictly correct. If you want to have a good idea of your nutrition, don't enter custom foods for a day, for example. When you enter your custom foods, unless you have accurate quantities for all the nutrition information, your nutrition totals are inaccurate because they will be incomplete.

If you want to go to fitday classic by default, every time you log in, you change that in 'settings.' Otherwise, you can just choose it by clicking on it at the very top of the screen, where you saw it.

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