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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
I'm using the free fitday, version 2.0. Not premium. Are we using the same thing?

What I see (and I usually use the classic, not 2.0, because I like it) in 2.0 is that the pie chart to the right has a drop down screen. It doesn't have total nutrition as one of the options (it has: calorie balance, calorie intake, calorie breakdown, calories burned, weight history, bmi, measurement history, mood history.)

Where 'Total Nutrition' appears is as a tab next to 'Food Log,' right above the log of foods you've tracked so far. There are three tabs: Food Log, Total Nutrition, Custom Nutrition Goals.'

I look at four cups of roasted potatoes that I ate and logged today. If I tab over to 'Total Nutrition,' I see a graph that shows me that is 150% of the RDA. I tab back to Food Log and change the four cups to two cups. What's tricky here, I think, is that you have to click on a 'save' option that appears slightly below to the right of that entry. Make sure that the save 'takes' and you see the amount change - to 2 in my example. Then, when I go to Total Nutrition, I see that my carbs have changed to 111% of the RDA (I have other carbs in my food log so it's not going to be a halving of the percentage...)

I did that once, but I'll do it again to make sure I described it correctly.
Now I got!

You told that you use the classic version, so I was looking for a way to change for this version and found in the top of the page. When I changed, I tested this option that I'm talking about.

In the classic version, when you change the amount e click to recalculate, the vitamins and nutrients change immediately and that's what I was talking about, so I can test various quantity of foods and see which one has the better cost x benefit for me.

And not just that option that I found the classic version better. When I was in the classic version in the total nutrition, the minerals that I was unable to reach the %RDA recommend, were showed in red. So I realized that I didn't notice that my potassium was ins 73%. This was helpful too.

I think that options should have in the version 2.0 For now I will stick with the classic version.

And let me ask you: How I can make to the foods that I add show everytime? Because right know I have to keep coming back to the day that I add the foods, but I want this show in front page. How I leave this automatically?

And you think that the quantity of vitamins and minerals are right for all food? Because I tried to change one food vitamin and was successful, so if someone with bad intention want to muddle some foods, wouldn't be possible?

Thanks for the help
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