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When you talk about the nutrition being the option on the right side, is that the pie chart of protein,carb,fat, and alcohol? If you ate twice the amount of cornflakes, for example, you'd see a change in the carbohydrates and that would not only be the total amount in grams but there would be a change in the percentage. Not exactly double, because cornflakes also contain some fat and protein (I'm guessing, but I haven't looked) but the percentage would increase. You'd see it in the pie chart. You'd see it in the numbers. You'd see some changes in the fat and the fat breakdown.

There's a drop-down menu there with an choice that shows 'calorie breakdown.' It has grams and percentages.

Do you use the reports? They don't break down by food, but they give you lots of information about vitamins and minerals in your food so you don't need to calculate.

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