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Default From which products I'm having this amount of vitamins?

Hi everyone,

I'm new in fit day and already a big fan of the site. I always want to calculate exactly which amount of vitamins and minerals I'm taking in food.

When I'm seen the total nutrition and see the option table, I see the percentage of the vitamin and mineral. But I feel that if I was able to see from from which products - meals I'm having this amount, will be better.

Let me explain. I know that I can again and again in any food to how much it has of any vitamins, but I want to do is just click in the vitamin or mineral from which food this amount is coming.

So for example: If I'm taking 87% of magnesium. If I click on the magnesium, would appear for me : 4% coming from eggs, 20% coming from Kale raw, 9% from quinoa and so on.

Like I said, I'm a beginner using the fit day, so I don't know if already have this option. If have, please someone tell me and if don't have, you could see if is difficult to put this option in the program.

Thanks for read

PS: And taking the opportunity to ask, When I'm looking for a food, and I change the unity, the calorie breakdown and total nutrition (below the square nutrition facts) don't change. How I make this change according to the unit and quantity that I choose?

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