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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
If you use 'classic' fitday (as opposed to 2.0), you get 'food groups' to choose from along with 'recent foods,' etc. Which you click on food groups, you will see dairy. When you click on dairy, you will see 'creams' as one of the subgroups. When you click on 'creams,' you will see varieties of cream.

However, there isn't 'whipping cream.' I'm thinking that what we in the States call 'whipping cream' may be different in other countries, or at least called something different in other countries. So, what you get is cream, light cream and heavy cream. The way to see the percentage is to click on the entry for 'heavy cream, ' for example, and see the %fat. I think it's 17% fat. That's not whipping cream. What is shown is 'whipped cream,' in the other options and I am guessing that is already whipped.

'Cream' is not obscure. When I'm using an old cookbook and making something from it, I'm pretty sure the cream from 1965 is different from the cream in 2014. Maybe not, but products and what's standard on grocery shelves may change. So that's why I feel more comfortable using the nutrition label of the product I use. On the other hand, I miss out on all that detailed information provided in a database - the nutrition information is not going to be as complete. If I'm concerned basically with fat, calories, protein, carbs and fiber, it's complete enough for me.

When all else fails, I just add the cream I'm using as a custom food. Awkward, I know, but then I do know that it's accurate for the product I'm using.

I use 'classic' so I'll have to go to 2.0 to see where that breakdown is offered.

OK. In 2.0,
when you are in the food log, there's the phrase 'Not your food? Browse,' I imagine under the search box - should be easy to see, above the log area. Click on the Browse word and you will see the categories I mentioned for 'classic, ' just with little icons of folders. Then when you click on 'Dairy and Eggs,' you will see subfolders. 'Creams' is one. It's the same as in the classic fitday, just not splayed out - instead, it's in folders. I prefer seeing it all, but it doesn't matter. The database is the same.
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