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Default Hi, New here:)

I'm naturally 'thin' but have been up (highest was 131) and down due to meds for a bit, or just sedentary living after 32 ;(
I'm 33 now tho

Trying to get back into shape, eat well while still being able to enjoy not-great (healthy) food now and again. I just joined this site like a week ago so I'm trying to hang in there. Want to make a real life style change and get back into walking a ton (which I've done most of my life) as well as weights (which I actually) enjoy and trying to hike/jog a bit (the former I like, the latter I do NOT like!)

I'm from San Antonio, Texas... Love traveling. Went to college in Austin, worked in tov over 10 years starting in Houston, 4 in NYC (loved it!) and 3 in NYC where I met my wonderful now-husband

We love cooking and dining out, and I really miss the big cities.

His job brought us up to BFE Wisconsin, hence my weight went way back up...

Despite it, I am losing, and being active, and just surprised at how easy it has been to lose once I cut out drinking and eating too much crap and added in a bit of exercise. (I love wine and miss it!)

I love to blog and do video podcasts, which if you're interested you can check them out here

Also, how do i get back to the page that says what you're goal is and how much you should eat and what you are currently doing?



If we are trusting my scale...
HW: 131 (a few times)
SW: 129 but for FD purposes:120 on May 14 2014
CW: 116.6 (up from 116 2 days ago)
GW1: 115 (so close!)
GW2: 113 (I like this weight on me for the most part and can fit in my clothes) (My main real goal weight)
GW3: 110 (just to see)
GW4 107 (high school weight - got back to it when I was 25/26 but this one isn't necessary)

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