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When you're talking about 'today's menu,' what do you mean? You said it says you are going to have 8%? Does this mean that you put your menu for a meal in before you eat, and so then you see the results come up?

As far as I know, 'sugar' is not reported by fitday, so you would have to look for alcohol in the menu. If you look at each food, does it show up anywhere?

For example, look at 'Beef Bourguignon.' I misspelled that and miraculously, fitday still showed me 'Beef Burgundy.' When you click on the name of the food, then that beef burgundy does show up having some alcohol. It's not a percentage there but if I choose to add it to my foods, it will show up as a percentage of my foods for the day, as 'alcohol.' That's where my martinis' alcohol is evident when I have a martini at dinner.

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