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Default i may be making a mistake, but the search function is AWFUL

I will state up front that I may be doing something wrong, but what seems like a simple task is a mess. Most of the foods I am eating are very simple foods, skim milk, egg whites, chicken no skin, etc. When I do a search for the above foods it's a miracle when or even if I can locate them, and the list of foods that come before what I'm searching for are laughable. I just did a search for "egg whites" and I went thru 3 pages of everything but egg whites. I had results for cakes, eggplant, dehydrated whole eggs, etc. WTH is the deal with the search function? Am I royally screwing something up or is it just that bad? If I am doing something wrong then please tell me how to correct the error of my ways and I will do so with much haste and beg forgiveness. If I am not the issue, this is a serious flaw of Fitday that needs immediate attention.
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