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Talking 90 lbs lost

7 years ago on my 30th birthday I weighed 265lb. At 5'10" that is extremely overweight. My doctor was very concerned for my health. And a friend of mine at 31 had a heart attack. After this my wife bought me a treadmill and I started to walk everyday; while watching TV I would walk in stead of sitting on the couch. Eventually I started to run and by the end of the first month I lost 20lbs. From then on I was hook. I started lifting weights and running outside a lot. I cut out fast food and started working on eating healthy. Reading every book I could find; I eventually became a certified personal trainer, just as a way of learning more about fitness. By the end of the third year of this, I was down to 175 lbs; I was a personal trainer and I had people asking me to train them. Now at 37 years old; I own my own training facility; I lift much heavier weights and I am at a very healthy 205lbs. I eat clean every day, workout everyday, take the correct vitamins and love my new life.
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