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Hi Jenny i know exactly what you mean only instead of just a few days i couldnt stop and did it for 4 months. Like you it wasnt really high in calories it wasjust constant snacking and eating the wrong foods. Luckily i came off lightly and gained 7lbs-it could have been much worse. But ive got myself back on track now and lost the extra and im back to the weight i was in January. Id already lost 3 stone and i knew if i carried on with the bad habits id end up with it all back on again.
You still have the willpower and determination inside you like you said it could have been something much worse for breakfast so give yourself some credit that you didnt completely blow it.
I agree the taste of the fattening food is more enjoyable to eat but the feeling of reaching your goal weight will be much more satisfying.
I tell myself that to achieve my goal i have to make the effort to make something low-cal even if the family is eating something different and when i get to goal i will be able to enjoy a treat in moderation without the feeling of guilt.
Put the past few days behind you and try to make your next meal a healthy one and the next after that go for a better choice this way you be less tempted to undo your hard work by picking something not so great for your next meal. You will soon get back into the swing of losing weight again. Good Luck-dont give up hope and you will get there!!!
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