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Default VLCD works pretty well...

I'm on a VLCD, I eat less then 800 calories per day. Most days I eat probably about 600 calories or less. I'm trying to stay as far under 800 as possible to get the best results. My metabolism has slowed down some but not enough to stop me from losing body fat. I have a scale that measures body fat and it shows the % has lessened greatly since when I started. I am not hungry much and I have been able to readjust my eating habits for the long haul. I look a lot different from when I started. I've lost about 19 LBS in six weeks, so I guess that's like 3 LBS per week on average. I think the not being hungry is the most appealing part of this and the reason that I wouldn't diet any other way but this one. I take multi-vitamins and try to balance out what I am eating making sure I have protein in my low calorie meals, whether it's something that was prepared at home or a frozen meal or even if I go out to eat at a restaurant. It's really not as difficult as it was in the beginning and counting calories has become a habit for me and I'm very happy about that, since that will keep me at my ideal weight.

Lost 19 Lbs, 47 more to go... I'll get there! Best wishes everyone!
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