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Originally Posted by bsaz View Post
Oh, and as for controlling cravings, I don't so much. But I have rules. Keep the portions small. If I want a baked good, I've got to make it myself. And go for quality instead of quantity. I treat myself to small amounts of VERY good chocolate as opposed to gorging on mediocre stuff.
If you deny, deny, deny, you set yourself up for binges. If you indulge with moderation, you can keep going for the long haul.
Just my experience.
I have similar rules. Another thing I do is to take a single bite, just one to see if that's all I'm really hungry for, along with a great big glass of water to fill me up. Often I find that I'm craving the taste on my tongue, but I'm not necessarily hungry for the whole thing. But finding a way to stop from eating the whole thing takes a little bit of mental prep.
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