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Default Is this enough?

I have recently changed my exercise routine and I am wondering if what I am doing is enough. I am already slim, I'm 171cm and 52kgs so I don't exercise to lose weight I do it to be healthy and to maintain my current weight. I used to do 3-4 intense cardio/weight work outs each week but I found my body got to a point and didn't get any better from there and also I became so bored with it and really hated it and also found that I couldn't commit to it with full time work (lazy I know.)

So recently I changed my routine, I now do platies once a week, yoga once a week and an intense weight work out once a week. Every second week I also do a spin class as well as the above. What I am wondering is, is this enough? I eat very well, my only indigence is alcohol on the weekends (more than I should) I absolutely love the routine I have now, yoga and Pilates have already been so beneficial to posture and so on and I can see my arms becoming more toned and event for mental wellness. I just wanted to know if people think this is enough for someone of my size who just wants to stay this size, get a little more toned and be healthy?

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