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I ate last night--a giant amount of chicken. I was ravenous for it. I didn't weigh it as I just kept picking more and more, but it must have been at least 12 oz. I ended up right on target for calories for the day with just dinner with all that chicken, some Rice A Roni and a couple of my strawberry freezer treats. And some broccoli, but that's so little in calories, and I didn't weigh it so I left it off my log.

Weighed in a few minutes ago, and I was in at less than 250!!! Just barely at 249.8, but was so happy that middle digit was one lower! Feeling so happy about that!

Debbie, way to get back to your low weight!
Bea, looks like you've got a lot of motivation today. Keep it going!
Hope, I hope your back feels better.
Mike, congrats!
Libby, great job on the loss!
Mary, glad you're getting some sunshine.

Start (1/9/14): 276.8
Goal: 130ish
Current: 248.6

Age: 43

The only goal I have right now is to get my ass in gear and get the scale moving the other way!
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