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1) Plan food and stick to it - yes with reasonable adjustments, ate a bit more but resisted pizza; at more but mainly on plan been eating more than planned
2) Stretch every day - yes, yes, yes, yes
3) Drink more water - yes, yes, yes, yes
4) lose the fluffiness - 1 pound so I'm even lol, yes gained weight back
5) Try to get outside, even for a little bit - yes, yes, yes even with the crappy weather, yes
6) write -yes, YES, yes, yes
7) Meditate -yes, yes, yes briefly ( buying DH b-day present online)
8) Spanish - nada si, si no
9) Try to be positive - YES, yes, yes, yes
10) Do something for others, even just a phone call -yes, yes, yes, yes
11) walk or gym- walk, walk no walk
12) throw out at least 5 pieces of paper junk or get rid of 3 items every day- yes, yes, yes, yes
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