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Good morning fitday friends Well I didn't quite break the plateau, but I did manage to et down 2.4 lb. loss from last week's weigh which almost brings me back down to my lowest weight. Maybe next week!

Mike - Your wedding!?!?! Congratulations to you and your lady!!!

cheeky_cat - I quit smoking a pack a day 15 years ago! I too promptly gained 20+ lbs and have been trying to shake it ever since. I've lost it twice before but didn't maintain. Third times a charm right!?!!?

Libby - Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time Libby. Don't give up the good fight though...I know you can do this!

Jenai - That's awesome that you were able to try the workouts and that it helped you make a decision without regret! Those types of decisions are always the best

Have an awesome day buddies!
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