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Hi firstly dont feel bad for giving in to temptation-its pretty hard for anyone to resist cake if its put right in front of our eyes! In my experience feeling bad over allowing myself a naughty treat only makes me miserable. Ive tried so hard not to feel the guilt after a treat but i understand how hard this is to do. Tomorrow is a new day so forget about it,put it behind you and wake up in the morning thinking positive. TRY TO NEVER THINK NEGATIVE!!!!!
Secondly yes you will get back on track once you put the cake behind you and start afresh. Say to yourself "Right,yes i had cake,i enjoyed eating it and im going to carry on and try my best to forget about it." All anybody can do is try their best. I put way too much pressure on myself to be the 'perfect dieter' but ive learnt that its virtually impossible never to let something other than salad and veg to pass my lips.
On the cravings i do a little test for myself. I think
1. Do i really want it? and if i really cant hold off i let myself taste a tiny bit then ask myself
2. Has that satisfied me enough not to eat the whole thing?
If i want all of it then i will eat it and i wont feel bad because i thought about it before i gave in not after. It works for me because i used to beat myself up over eating the smallest sweet treat.
You could also try chewing sugar-free gum or a cup of tea to take your mind off the craving but just dont feel bad if you give in to one every so often. Im sure everyone does including me! Good luck
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