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Default Boosted up my personality

I decided I had to get back into game shape the so I A tried I try to normal GM but can motivate myself so I heard about that bike that camp I sign up on her six-month trial and loved it and had been here ever since so after joining Pitt but if they can't If I need to change much as the exercise patterns but also eating habits so with some help from our meeting at byte camp and my fellow campers I A got training in how to eat healthy different lifestyle changes sold I daily exercise coming to the gym couple totally dole's coming out of her process joking I with that attending a workshop for compassion fatigue and i word com environment that is involved crisis Althea time we're responding with emergency res ponders to people who are in crisis and so I was with six other executive directors from a region taking this workshop and the bells and whistles went off for me about how stressed I was and I was literally in the state going in compassion fatigue at that sometime I gained some weight and skin kinda-yucky no energy tight deadlines how was ever going to fit in half an hour to do exercise all that stuff all things people do so I came back home I posted on my Facebook these things that.

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