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I figured it would do me good to chime in on this thread so you girls can help me be accountable. When I joined Fitday in Feb. I had hoped to be down 15 lbs for an event I have this Sat. I am down ten which I am happy about,(ok, I would be happier if it were 15)but I have had a mental list going all week of the foods I haven't eaten in a few months that I want to dive into right after the event this weekend. I am not the kind that can eat a little of something and not eat the whole bag normally, so I had to really limit my diet over the past few months or wouldn't even have lost what I have. That said, I have an addiction to peanut M&M's. I have not had any since January. I am planning on getting a small bag and eating the whole thing and then moving on. Hopefully if I check back in on Monday I will not have eaten a large bag, and then consumed everything else in my path which I am prone to do!

Stay strong this weekend ladies. We can do it!
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