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Default thanks

Thanks for that extra link, Michael. I didn't have time to go way into his stuff this morning, crazy day today.

IF you lose like those guys on biggest loser, you may have been 450, 475 no telling. Did you know you can use two scales and combine the two weights? I learned that from the HealthStewards guy... what's his name, Dr. Nick. Lost hundreds of pounds on a liquid diet.

I would love to do Tai Chi!! One of the strangest things I've noticed since I put on this last 25 pounds (besides knees on fire, hips creaking, and a complete lack of stamina) is that I've lost my balance. I sort of careen through the world, crashing into things, onto things. I used to experience the same thing when I lost a lot of weight fairly quickly. Weird stuff. I've lost my center of gravity or something.
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