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Default Estrogen? No Thanks.

Hello everyone,

I am on a mission to rid my body from the moobs and love handles it decides to pack on and never seems to completely rid itself from once and for all. I fall into the same pattern every year where I start a work out regiment every spring, loose about 10lbs, stop for the summer, lightly go back in the fall, then completely stop once the holidays begin. I know my habits and I am aware of the consequences produced from my choices. I began working out again 2 days ago and came across this article that mentions selenium and how it could boost testosteron and help reduce or perhaps eliminate the estrogen that is producing these undesired results my body seems to decide it wants. In the commnet section, the blogger suggest that taking a few brazilian nuts before bed can help boost T-levels by the morning. Thoughts? How To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs Fast – Transform Your Body With As Little Time And Effort As Possible
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