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I'm 5ft 11 and 216lbs.

I think I set up my dashboard wrong. Is there any way to reset it and start again? As it's saying I need a lot more calories than I actually do, luckily I've realised this and just looked at my calorie intake and never gone over 2000, which I really don't find difficult.

After reading that I need 10 calories per 1lb, I calculated that I need just over 2000 calories a day if I'm sat around (which I have sometimes been after moving back to my home country from living abroad, so looking for work). I have rarely gone over 2000 calories in the last couple of weeks and I'm certain that I didn't before joining this site as I was losing weight all the time. I've also been weight training, vigorously, for at least 40mins a session, 7 sessions over a 13 day period. My weight will not move from 216lbs! I'm eating healthily as well.

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