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Good morning all! Setting my daily goals for the day. Today I'm aiming to burn a minimum of 1000 calories, keep calories below 1200 and drink 96 oz. water. I'm upping my calorie burn again today but keeping everything else the same. I've been stuck hovering around the 120's for too long! Plus with the end of the Easter Challenge fast approaching, I wan to come as close as I can to that goal. I'll need to do my final Easter weigh in a day early because I'll be out of town on the Friday, so that means I only have 8 days to kick things up a notch...or two!

Jenai - Thanks for the vote of confidence! My workout yesterday was epic! In the morning, I did a 4 min skipping warmup, followed by my 40 minute interval workout focusing on biceps, triceps and shoulder...I ended it with another 4 minutes of skipping. In the evening, I did 60 minutes on the elliptical. It was always! So my total workout time was 1 hour and 48 minutes and I burned 981 calories. That's why today I bumped up my goal to 1000....I was so very close to that yesterday! Wish me luck!

Where is everyone this week? Mern, Mary, Aimee, April, Nyda, Becca, JenniferP1, CharliesAngel and BridgetteH27? Anyone else who wants to jump in and join our little Motivational Thread, please feel free!

Have an awesome day all! Keep your eye on your goals and keep moving forward!

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