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Well done you guys who have lost the weight. I'm not really looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow as I just know the pointer is going to just sit where it has the last couple of months.....well I hope it doesn't go up actually!! I did a good interval training session on the exercise bike last night and am away out for a walk in a min during my lunch hour. Am going to try to cram as much exercise as I can into my day (did 10 mins of stair walking while on the phone earlier!), so am hoping that kick starts my weight loss. Am liking the look of some of the snacks you guys mentioned. I'm not doing the full Atkins diet, but am really trying to lower my carb intake - which isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Discovered cauliflower mash the other night - LOVE IT!

Right, off for that walk...keep it up all, we'll get there....
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